Saturday, October 14, 2017

October Jae Hee's Tutorial - shabby card

Hi I came with a tutorial of my work today.
October's shabby card~*
Will we come together in the story?
Make a book cover using thick paper.
Prepare a background of white and gray. 

Lay out and paste the background and place the race.
Crack paint on the race. 
Let the cracks on the race dry over time.
Prepare the flower shape die cut and color it.
Choose colors with your favorite coloring tools.
Prepare a straw and a button to catch the shape.
Painting jetso over buttons and straws.
Apply pink color acrylic paint.
Prepare flowers and die cut leaves and paste the card to complete!
My  card is complete.
What about cards with gray and pink? Thanks for watching my work.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

[Offtherailsscrapbooking DT] October Chevy Card

Hello Craft friends
October is about to come.
Our mood board is gray and white.

I made a card with this work.
The point of this card is softness?



Are the colors in gray and white harmonized?
Thanks for watching my work.
Good day today.

Sunday, August 13, 2017

August 12th Jae Hee's Tutorial - lovely summer

Hi friends. I will be with you today.
I introduce the scrapbook work that feels the summer feeling.
Do you want to work with me?
Let's start.
Emboss the stamp on the white cardstock.
I think you have a background.

Cut the red paper into a heart shape.
The shape of the heart is different.

Give Gelato a watercolor feel to the background.
I did coloring with the feeling of spreading around the heart shape.
I feel like this when I'm done.

Decorate your background with diverse cutouts and messages.

You can also emboss the flower shape on the red background.

You can also stamp the background margin.
What do you think? Does it feel like a collage?
I hope you have a pleasant job. Be sure to challenge our challenge.
Meet me again next time ~ *

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

[Offtherailsscrapbooking DT] lovely summer

Happy day.My Craft friends.
Too hot summer has begun.
Let me introduce this mood board with a feeling of hot summer.
The theme of the mood board is red.
Look at this.
I tried to express the feeling of red with collage.
I want you to feel the passion of love in my work.


Monday, July 31, 2017

Off the Rails Scrapbooking Design Team Call

Off the Rails Scrapbooking Design Team Call

Here at Off the Rails we are having a DT call. 

So if you love creating memories, taking the photos then creating beautiful pages, then we are looking for YOU!!

What is required you ask: 

We are looking for 4 (maybe more) passionate crafters to join our team.

- You will be required to produce one inspiration project bi-monthly (from a moodboard)
- The same month, you will be required to create a project tutorial for the blog
- 12 month commitment
- Start August/September

We require reliable, fun and passionate crafters with excellent time management skills.

You will need a blog and facebook account to join our DT group.

No previous experience necessary.


Please email the following information to

- Name & location
- blog address
- 1-2 images of your favourite projects
- links to any other social media (pinterest, instagram, youTube etc)
- A short bio about you and why you'd like to join our team

We look forward to seeing your applications.

DT Coordinator

Thursday, June 29, 2017

[scrapbook] Starlight Dream

Hello my friends.
Today I was working on a feeling of starry twinkling stars.

What is a dream?
I got this question from a picture.
To me in the picture.
It was a moment when I thought about the moment in the picture !! It was.
I have expressed the inspiration from the photograph in a star shape.
This scrapbook  is reminiscent of this sketch.
It was a scrapbook work that utilized star shape.


For me, the dream was shining.
A moment when I made my way to my dream!
It is my work that remembers the moment.


Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Music box in the forest

Hello my Craft friends

Today I will travel to the forest with music.
Small music box in the forest
Pink Forest Rest
It was like a fairy tale story would be unfolding while I was making it.

A small house built on a music box.

Birds on the roof are building houses.
The flowers are blooming.
The green leaves grow up under the roof.
An elephant tired of playing goes to rest.
Rabbits hide and go between flowers.
The forest shelter is the best place for animals.
Everyone can come and go.

The rest of the forest can be a playground.
It is fun to go round and round according to the song.
Round and round~~*
How about my music box house?
Let's go play with me in the forest.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Album with flowers

Hello Craft friends
I made an album filled with flowers today.

A cover that makes use of the scrapbook feel.
I tried a new paper flower.

The inside of the album was decorated with pictures of polymer clay.

This album is a gift for my neighbors.
The picture of my neighbor 's work became the cover of the album.
It looks like flowers are blooming in photographs and albums.